Marc Langlois Comprehensive Interior Design & Event Services


marc_6480 bwInterior Designer Marc Langlois has always had an eye for design. Prior to his current professional incarnation, Marc developed his style under the tutelage of several of New York’s top editors and photographers. After a number of years in Manhattan, Marc relocated to Milan where he had been retained by Italian Vogue to work in a myriad of capacities including creative director, editor and photographer. On his return to Boston Marc’s love of Interior Design began to emerge. He was hired as creative director of Design Times in Boston, one of the firest magazines to focus exclusively on New England interior design.

During this period, Marc began to accept design projects from an eclectic array of clients who loved his brand of easy luxury. Widely known as a modern traditionalist, Marc actively engages his clients in the design process.

“In my view, my job is to understand the aesthetic my clients are looking for and to assist them in facilitating that vision.”

Particularly adept at creating great visual balance, Marc treats each project as a blank canvas.

Marc’s current roster of clients hail from Newport, New York, Miami, Wellesley, Boston, Hudson, NY and recently Cape Cod.

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